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I can't say enough good things about the work of Hamilton Billing Services. When we first hired them our accounts receivable was in bad shape. The money we as an agency were earning wasn't coming in. When Victoria came on the job she was quick to identify past due accounts and was persistent in contacting insurance companies to make payment, and clients who owed back charges. What we especially appreciated about Hamilton Billing Services was their gentle, trauma-informed but firm interaction with clients, helping them understand what they owed and then making arrangements to make payment. We highly recommend Hamilton Billing Services.

Kathrine Parnell, LCSW


I was a little hesitant when I first looked for a biller, knowing that I would be trusting someone with my clients' information. I had been trying to manage billing on my own for a long time, but the little billing issues that required hours on the phone had started snowballing and I knew I needed help. When I first contacted Victoria, she really put me at ease, and I knew I could trust her with my clients and business. She replies to emails quickly, and was able to unravel some very complex billing issues involving secondary payers that I'd been struggling to figure out. Victoria is a prompt and polite communicator, and although we lived in different states working together was easy.

Katie Lear, LPC, RPT, RDT


I am appreciative for Victoria's billing services. She saves me time and frustrations. Victoria has also made suggestions that have helped me with growing my business.

Melissa Jaques, MA, LPC


Hamilton Billing has been so responsive to my questions and has been a partner in helping me with clients requests.  They help check benefits, are knowledgeable about getting coverage, and are there to help me with credentialing.  We all need a partner like Hamilton Billing.  From Victoria to other account managers, they are quick to answer, pick up the phone whenever I call and are so helpful.  Don't do everything yourself.  Spend your time doing what you are best at, working with clients in a clinical setting.  Let Hamilton do what they do best: getting insurance to provide coverage for services that your clients need.  I recommend Hamilton 100%.  Personal, dedicated, and effective.  Thank you, Hamilton Billing

Troy Faddis, LMFT


Hamilton Billing Services has made a literal night and day difference for our group practice. They have been a true saving grace, helping us to navigate the maze of various insurance companies. Not only have they helped us with billing for traditional psychotherapy services, but they have also helped us successfully bill for neuropsychological examination services. It has been said that the best individual for a job is the one who can seek novel solutions and problem-solve ways to get around barriers. Hamilton Billing does this and with gusto! We have never looked back.


Wilson Clinical Services, PLLC.

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We have been working with Hamilton Billing Services since August of 2021. The staff are very knowledgeable in billing services. Our specific account manager and is excellent. Would recommend to others!

Best Self Counseling Center

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